We can not thank ‘Tepee Love’ enough for bringing us to all of the crazy and excitement that is Falls Festival in Byron Bay. We had the absolute pleasure of staying at the famous Tepee Village situated right in amongst the hustle and bustle of the festival goers. The Tepee Village embodies all of the things it is described to be, truly wild & free. There was an abundance of yoga, nudity, chocolate and good vibes with all of the best people you could ask for. The ‘We are the Wild Ones’ blogger Tepee party was a definite highlight as a group of beautiful women came together to share food, drinks and laughs before wandering into the wonderland festival of music and partying. Until next time Falls, you truly are magic…just turn the heat down next time, oh and remember people, rain dances really do work after all!

*Photos taken by the talented Mel Carrero and our beautiful instagram customers xx

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